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The Miracles of a Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

The Miracles of a Positive Attitude

June 3, 2015 @ 3:55 pm
by Tim Wright

A positive attitude can literally work miracles in transforming your personal growth. Your attitude and outlook on life provides the fuel for the energy you need in whatever you’re doing. When you have a positive and outgoing perspective on what’s going on in your life, you have more energy and more creativity available to you to deal with whatever challenges you might be facing. Your goals will be more attainable and your life much happier with a positive approach to your everyday world.

The effects of positive thinking not only impact your own life, they affect the lives of people around you as well. When you project positive thoughts toward other people, they can literally feel the energy and will often be affected in ways that might surprise you. You’ll find people being more open and friendly to you without you even saying anything to them. They will be unconsciously drawn to you and will often feel safe and comfortable around you even though they don’t really know you.

Having a positive attitude is often a simple matter of choice. Instead of just letting life “happen” to you, you can choose to take control and decide what kind of attitude and outlook on life you’re going to have. Even if you don’t “feel” positive at the time, you can completely transform your feelings and emotions by consciously choosing to think positive thoughts.

Your mind and your emotions are like a garden. Whatever seeds you allow to take root there will determine what kinds of things are going to grow. If you want the ‘fruit” of your life to be happy and positive, then you need to not only plant positive and happy thoughts into your mind, you also need to be willing to pull out the “weeds” of negative and discouraging thoughts.

Making a conscious choice to think positive thoughts about other people can bring a great deal of good to your own life as well. When you think positive thoughts about others, it actually has a positive effect on your own life as well. You will most likely discover that people are nicer to you in return and that they find you to be more attractive.

Don’t wait until you “feel like it” to start having a positive attitude.  Make a choice to actively think thoughts that are positive, happy and uplifting.  When you do, you’ll change not only your own life, the also the lives of everyone around you.

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